“…I have been working at the Casino for six years.  I’m part time and I’m full blood Chahta.  Why can’t I get a full time job?”

“…I work in an office at the casino with several other Chahta people.  We work for a man who steps on our backs (we read your blog and we know what that woman meant who said those nohollo’s stepped on her back) as he climbs up.  He is nohollo…”

“…I am a Choctaw with a degree and a white woman without a degree was brought in to be my supervisor…”


Sisters and Brothers Halito,

These comments are from three separate Chahta tribal members.  Oh, and I should have included the one that said, “I’m Choctaw and I’ve passed gaming commission requirements, why can’t I get a job?”.

Casino Brothers and Sisters you are not respected.  It’s that simple.  I have been told of meetings where the Casino General Managers come right out and say “Choctaws are the worst” and there are Choctaws among them!  Do you think they want to assimilate by downing other Chahta’s?  Or, and this is very important, are they wanting to keep their jobs secure?  Because that’s what a Chahta employee must do to move forward while under this administration.  To keep your job secure you better make sure that Nahollo or non-Chahta supervisor is happy and unthreatened.

AND for those of you who are non-Chahta and follow this blog (KB) there would be no Casino, no Govt, no Defense Contracts, NOTHING without the sacrifices made by our Chahta ancestors.  Your secure jobs are by the inheritance of OUR Chahta people.  You may outnumber us now, you may be pulling the puppet strings and calling the shots and shaming our Chahta people today but the times they are a changing.

Elections for council begin in July be prepared to vote and start the change.