Good morning Brothers and Sisters.

I know, many current Chahta tribal member employees are worried their jobs would be in jeopardy if a new administration were to be voted into the CNO and I don’t blame them.  What they need to embrace are the concepts of true self-determination and empowerment.  Beneath an administration that is decidedly pro-Chahta tribal members would have so much more opportunity to thrive and move forward in their careers while being a part of something larger than themselves.

The value of  well-educated, well-trained Chahta tribal members to operate the CNO cannot be over emphasized.  Does that mean we just throw un-trained Chahta tribal members into positions for the sake of hiring our own?  Of course not, that would be ineffective and set the individual tribal member up for failure and the CVB is not about knocking the Chahta people down.  The CVB is about supporting the Chahta people whether they work for the tribe or not.  Whether they live within the CNO boundaries or not.

It is inevitable that many positions will become available once the CVB party is elected into office – many positions.  These positions will be open to Chahta tribal members first (truly offered, not just “fake” offered) and every effort will be made to recruit Chahtas for these positions.  Open positions will be posted in our tribal newspaper (at this time very few positions are posted in our tribal paper – more on that at a later time), website and recruiting events across our own nation and outside of our tribal boundaries.  Current employees will (if they wish) create an individualized  professional development plan in conjunction with projected tribal needs.

Imagine knowing that your children, OUR tribal children will be offered the opportunity to be part of operating OUR tribe.  See the logic?  Chahta people operating the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma would more likely insure the salvation of our unique traditions and our beloved language.

The power is within our grasp.