“…last year I went to one of those meetings so the big fat red headed guy from headquarters could explain how to figure raises for my department.  I couldn’t make head nor tails about what he was saying and if you asked a question he made fun of you so I kept my mouth shut.  When class was over I followed him to his car and asked him if he could answer a quick question for me.  He told me class was over and he was going home.  Do you know who this guy is?  Is he Chahta?  How come he thought he could talk to us that way?  trying to make us feel stupid..”

I believe the person you are talking about is Tom Davies and he is not Chahta.  He is batton’s compensation Director (or manager).  He is one of the rudest individuals you will ever encounter and batton has given him a whole lot of power to set hourly rates and give bonus and salary suggestions.  To be fair when Davies is around assistant he is nothing but upbeat and smiling, I am sure it exhausts him. Here we have low paid Chahta’s with degrees unable to break through the non-Chahta ceiling yet this guy can behave however he pleases. Just another Nahullo given loads of pay and power by our assistant chief and then allowed to treat Chahta’s like the dirt on his shoe.