I don’t have to tell you Sisters and Brothers that a lot has been said about our current chief on this blog, some good some bad.  It has become even more clear that chief Pyle will be stepping down and the man we should be concentrating on is Gary Batton the chosen successor.

Even before my unfortunate departure from the nation many people were very concerned, those concerned included council members who complained that Batton would tell them one thing to their faces and do something totally different or do nothing even close to what they discussed.  Others voiced their concern that Batton was not for the Chahta people and they were truly bewildered as if they didn’t really want to believe what they were seeing and hearing

One talented former CNO Chahta employee mentioned that when he talked to assistant chief the man had told him he knew nothing of his firing. That was a lie wasn’t it assistant chief.  You would have signed off on the firing within a day or two, at the most a week if you happened to be traveling.  Were you upset by the firing?  Did you march into Susan Stockton’s office demanding to know why this distinguished Chahta was being fired?  When she and her flunkie next door told you the reasons for the firing did you insist on an investigation?  Or did you blindly believe the accusations and with one swift use of a pen end someone’s livelihood, a Chahta tribal member’s livelihood.  That wasn’t the only one was it.

The Choctaw Voting Block candidate will immediately within the first week of office implement the Chahta Employee Rights Organization and no Chahta will ever be terminated without a thorough investigation.  That investigation would include interviewing everyone in the department (who works directly with the said employee) and not just that person’s supervisor.  Hear this Chahta Brothers and Sisters if that supervisor (whether Director or Executive Director) is found to have fabricated, exaggerated or created a hostile environment that supervisor will be demoted or terminated. The CVB is for the TRUE empowerment of the Chahta people.

It is up to us to save our nation.