At this time the Choctaw Voting Block Party is establishing an Executive Committee that will be drafting amendments to the Choctaw Constitution, voting on a communications plan and finalizing the CVB agenda.  Unlike the established system we are looking for representatives to act as delegates in areas across the Chahta Nation of Oklahoma.  We are also looking for additional delegates outside the boundaries of the CNO.

Currently we already have delegates representing the following areas:

Southern California, Central East Texas, Lawton, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Boswell OK, Broken Bow OK, Durant OK, Muskogee OK and Chickasaw Territory.

We are also looking for people with specialized skills.  We need individuals who can communicate the CVB platform and present our goals and philosophies to anyone who has inquiries concerning the new political party.

If you would like to participate in a delegate role please email:

If you would like input into the process or have recommendations for new council members or Chief