Where is it?  If the administration is truly an open book when it comes to elections then give this information to the Choctaw Voting Block party.  How far would that go in leveling the playing field?  It might mean a whole new era for the Chahta people.

Chahta’s, a special message for you.  The Choctaw administration was taken to court to force them to release the registered voters list.  This is what happened:

“…I can give you examples, but the best one is what happened to Harriet O’Leary Wright back in 1984. Harriet, a well-known council-woman from Pittsburg County ran for Chief in 1984. She had the same problem with no access to the voter’s list that candidates do today. But she knew that the contract with the BIA for tribal membership required the tribe to report the names and addresses of all tribal electors to the BIA as part of the contract. So she sued for access from the BIA under the Freedom of Information Act. And she actually won. But before the judge could order the BIA to hand over the voter’s list, the Area Director (remember, they serve at the discretion of the tribal chiefs) changed the terms of the contract and only required the tribe to turn over the names, without addresses or other identifying information, to the BIA. So when the judge ordered the BIA to turn over the list, Harriet received a list of names alone, with no way of knowing where they lived or how to identify them.”

We call for this administration to release the names and contact information of the registered voters!  Chahta Sisters and Brothers the likelihood of this happening is next to nothing.  Their mouths move as if to spout fairness and integrity while their actions are to hide and conceal.  Do not be fooled by the smiles and rhetoric they are the same as they have been since Robert’s reign.

So it is up to us to look to our Chahta friends and relatives and ask them if they are ready for change.  As you speak to them ask them if they have suffered at the hand of the nahullo machine that is the Choctaw Nation.  I have and each person I have spoken to has had or knows someone who has suffered because of the pro-nahullo system.  It is up to us to gather names and then check with them to see if they voted and who they voted for.  It will take organization and strong will to gain back control from the Nahullo.

I ask you again, as I have done on other occassions to take responsibility for ten Chahtas.  Make sure they have a CDIB and a Choctaw membership card.  Tell them when the elections are and follow up with them if they should have any questions.