#1 Choctaw Writes:

… If the current chief exhibited the the same behaviors as the former chief, then the administrations would look similar. Your first statement clearly states this is not the case.  Also, last I checked Chief Pyle has not been imprisoned.  Ever.  (MW:  Perhaps you misunderstood.  I never said Pyle was in prison.  EVER.  What I said is that he has displayed some of the same behaviors as the former chief.  Since you are so obviously working closely with his office you don’t want me to go there, because I can from people who were there and experienced it.)

#1Choctaw:    Your credibility takes another hit with this statement.  Last I checked there are no Executive Directors that attend church with Chief Pyle.  They either go somewhere else or don’t go at all.  That may be a good blog for you to write about.  Take a poll among the EDs and see where they attend church.  Are there CNO employees that attend church where Chief Pyle does?  Probably.  Are they in positions of power that you claim he put them in? Definitely not! (MW:  Not only his church but his next door neighbor Definately SO!)

#1Choctaw:  First of all, an independent firm oversees the election.  The independent firm counts and certifies the votes.  That is so people like you can’t say that the election was tainted.  It’s not done in house just for that purpose.  The chief doesn’t deny potential candidates from running against him.  Like I said before, he runs unopposed because no one runs against him. It’s as simple as that. (MW:  An independent firm counts the votes, but the absentee votes and those absentee votes that are returned are mailed back to the tribal complex, where tribal employees collect and store them. That is how the dead vote in every election.  Tell me this, why are the absentee ballots and returned ballots not mailed back to the independent firm? If they did that, there would be no issue raised of voting fraud and no more dead voting. It is this stacked absentee election process that is the reason no one runs against chief pyle, the average Choctaw is too smart to spend $5K to enter a rigged election. It’s as simple as THAT.)

#1Choctaw:  If you want people to really listen you have to get some credibility.  Get your facts straight.  Trying to run a smear campaign based on assumptions and secondhand stories from disgruntled former employees will get you nowhere.  Initially it sounds good because people love a juicy story, but when the dust settles you will end up looking like the village idiot.  (MW:  It is very telling to all of us that the village idiot must keep you up at night, if it didn’t you wouldn’t be insulting me here, now would you.  Also, those former disgruntled employees are Chahta tribal members.  The same tribal members who voted in this administration and were later dismissed by non-Choctaw supervisors protecting their own positions.  The United States Constitution and the Choctaw Constitution  give us the right to free speech and when we see our beloved tribal nation being controlled by non-Chahta greed we have EVERY right to speak as loudly as we possibly can, using all the communication tools available to us.  AND by the way, no one can smear like the upper management and the current elected leaders of the CNO –  they are the experts)