Comment left 02/23/1012

“To answer the first two questions posed in this blog…I believe the Choctaw Nation has really blossomed under the direction of Chief Pyle. Just look at how far we have come since he became Chief. There have been increases in programs such as healthcare, education, and housing to name a few. Membership has increased. More Choctaws than ever before are reaping the benefits that this strong administration has provided. All this while the current Chief has sat on the “throne”. Looks to me like he’s done well.”

You know what I like most about Chief Pyle’s administration, the CNO is debt free.  It takes fiscal responsibility and long term planning to achieve such a feat.  Do I believe he is concerned about the number of Choctaws being hired by the CNO?  I think he might be since he requested the percentages of CDIB employees in the last few months.

You know the former chief’s administration would have made any administration after that look good.  I also believe chief has abused his power in the earlier years of his administration, having exhibited some of the same behaviors as the former imprisoned late chief.  Did he repent?  I am almost sure he did.

Does he know of the corruption?  As he looked around his church to find people he could trust and once found place them into positions of power did he consider a leadership plan for Chahta members who besides being business minded and bright would have an inborn love for the people?  No he did not.
As far as elections…The Chief runs unopposed because no one runs against him. (see definition of unopposed) Is that his fault? To me this can mean a couple of things. One, he’s doing such a good job that the people want him to stay in office. Two, he’s doing well enough that the majority of the people would vote for him even if there was another candidate.
Check and see the percentage of votes he received the last time our Chief ran against another candidate. I think that will show what the people think of our Chief, opposed or not.

The reason he runs unopposed is because he controls the election board, the election process and refuses to provide a contact list of the registered Chahta voters.  Also, the current constitution is so unbalanced it gives his office way way too much power.  He also controls any and all media write ups coming out of the CNO.  So, besides “one and two”  reasons for going unopposed maybe you should consider three, four, five and six.

MW, whoever you are, if you are so put out with what’s going on, then put your name on the ballot. Let’s see if the people want to continue in prosperity or change to your entitlement agenda. Good luck, but I’m not voting for a no name candidate.”

#1 Choctaw, yes the type of entitlement I stand behind is that of the Chahta people.  It was only one to two generations ago that Chahta’s were considered second class citizens.  It was the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 that granted citizenship to American Indians, think about that we have only been citizens since 1924.  We, as Chahta’s, are entitled to work, manage and lead those who work for OUR tribe.  We should never be forced out by lies, jealousy, insecurities and unethical behavior.  Part of empowerment is providing opportunities for employment at all levels within the CNO to CHAHTA’s!  When you say “Let’s see if the people want to continue in prosperity OR change to your entitlement agenda..”,  in essence you are saying a change to a pro-Chahta administration would be the end of prosperity.  So we can only prosper with non-Choctaws at the helm?  I don’t believe that.  I have faith in Chahta intelligence which is something this administration sorely lacks.