So it continues – capable, intelligent Chahta tribal members being oppressed and demoralized by CNO management.  A certain manager is hiring their friends from out of state (sounds like the ED of Human Resources but this is a totally different person whose last name begins with the letter A)  amazing that this continues to be an accepted practice within the CNO.  Especially since our leaders are Choctaw and their offices co-exist with this particular manager’s department at the complex.

Chahta’s look at this administration.  Do they do the actual hiring?  No, but do they approve and sign off on those hires – YES.  Therefore, they believe in and condone the hiring of non-Chahta’s and the firing of Chahta tribal members.  They are elected for a reason, they are entrusted with OUR government affairs.  The continuing lack of responsibility to the people of the Chahta Nation is a disgrace and an embarrassment.

Some call this the era of prosperity, for whom?  Looks like the era of prosperity for the Nahullo’s to me.  Once again let’s just give them a few million acres and be thankful for the crumbs that manage to find our table.