What happens when a chief sits on his throne too long?  What happens when he runs unopposed?  If you look around the nation and you listen to the people then you can see that the chief becomes complacent to the people.  The “I can do whatever I want and no one will say anything” mentality prevails and the people have lost their champion.

There should always always be two candidates to choose from in any tribal election.  Why?  It keeps the candidates pro-Chahta because they then have to LISTEN to their people because it is by the grace of the people they are allowed to lead.  Hear that:  ALLOWED to lead.

If you have a newly elected Chief he/she knows they will have to run against an opposing party candidate in four years.  You better believe they will think twice about letting widespread abuse of the people take place as it does now.  It would only make political sense to put systems in place to protect and empower the people.  As it stands today you would think Chahta’s don’t vote, that only the non-Chahta are responsible for the offices of chief and assistant.  Between you and me the non-Chahta’s will never vote because they are not Chahta!  Wow what a concept, why in the world has this been forgotten?

One of our brothers had this to say:

“…It’ll come through organizing in the communities, outlining the issues, documenting the facts, and then organizing beyond the communities.
Next year there will be tribal council elections for Districts 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 12, which Poteau, Wilburton, Antlers, Durant, Atoka, and Coalgate, respectively. Once you have the issues and questions outlined, speak to your council person about them. See if they will address the issues during a council meeting, if they aren’t representing your best interests, then find someone within your own community (district) that is willing to challenge the incumbent and the structure of the status quo. Then two years afterward, the same can be done for the second half of the tribal council and Chief in their election. This isn’t a time to be complacent, but don’t expect it to be easy. So many have it good and they don’t want it to end for them and theirs. It has to end.”

Ben Carnes

Personally, I think the council had their chance.  Our people have asked for assistance with many issues and – nothing.  Are their hands tied by an unbalanced system that gives it’s chief way too much power?  You tell me.  Regardless if their hands are tied or not we need council members who will stand up for the people and that just isn’t happening now.

If you don’t like what you see then look at the above districts and help us do something about it.