Why doesn’t this administration have real transparency?  Once a year instead of feeding us the same old marketing material via the Biskinik why not publish the budget for the entire CNO?  Account for the last penny in black and white?  Right down to campaign donations to the Texas Governor, large campaign donations.  Maybe that would be more suited for the body that governs such donations just to make sure there is some semblance of accountability.

You see this administration has gotten so comfortable they believe (they must to allow the things they allow) there is no more accountability to the Chahta people.  To have the ED in charge of a great deal of hiring  (gaming, health care, government) who by her own admission is ready and on a mission to fire Chahta’s (a direct quote:  “The days of shuffling Choctaws around until they find a position that suits them are over.”) only proves what is being said here on this blog to be ,at it’s core, solid.

However, because of this particular ED’s reckless and unethical treatment of at least four Chahta’s we, the Chahta people, may just come away with a pro-Chahta council, chief and assistant chief.  Due to her drunk with power (another direct quote “I’ll fire em, doesn’t bother me”) mentality we have unearthed atrocities across our Chahta Nation.  Listen carefully Sisters and Brothers she could only get this drunk with her own power through chief and assistant chief because they have been besieged with pleas for help from our own people and they call OUR people the liars and side with this boisterous, loud non-Chahta?  Where is their accountability?

Council, where is your accountability?  Were you not besieged with pleas for help as well?  Yet, you did nothing.  How many Chahta’s have to fall before you decide to help them up?

Don’t be surprised if we witness a scrambling to hire more Chahtas.  You see their accountability has evolved with the voice of the people and the people say no more.