Our Chahta people are beautiful.  If you ever want to see the possibilities of the future look into the eyes of a young Chahta child or any child for that matter.  Our people are peace loving and most possess a laid back humorous nature.  Often times we feel as if others take advantage of our nature and feel they can push us into compliance.

However, our ancestors would fight to the death down to the last person within the village if need be.  In the “Choctaw” group on Facebook a Chahta scientist commented that most people don’t believe natives are proficient in science and math (I am paraphrasing).  My response to this Chahta scientist (absolutely love saying that) is this – you would know and you are probably right in your assumptions.

However, if you consider that American Indians in general were forced to learn a different language, abandon traditional ways and Chahta are survivors of an attempted genocide you can see how our ancestors were denied a level playing field in acquiring education.  It’s only been in the last two generations that our children have been able to even attempt to catch up to the latest educational curriculum.  I believe in our people – in the years to come you will see more and more professional Chahta.  Our children and grandchildren will become more and more educated and high tech.  I believe if given the opportunity they will be prepared and totally capable of operating our tribe.  Hear that – operate OUR tribe.

Hopefully, beginning with the next election cycle we can vote in Chahta’s who agree with the assumption that we have the intelligence to govern ourselves and that setting up a welfare Choctaw Nation is unacceptable.  Services to our people would never go away bar some cataclysmic event but what would go away is the overall downgrading of Chahtas.

ALERT:  The Choctaw Voting Block Party will be meeting in March to discuss changes to balance power within the Choctaw Constitution, effectively re-writing the Choctaw Constitution.  If you have suggestions please share them.  It is important to include as many Chahta suggestions as possible as we work to create a more balanced, less corruptive Chahta system.

Yakoke Sisters and Brothers,