Instead of being threatened by bright well educated Chahta people what would a government based on Choctaw Voting Block Party principles do for Chahta people?

I am not alone with this question.  There are many of us and our numbers grow daily.  I would like to share my thoughts on this subject starting with our very young people.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have immersion camps where nothing but our language could be heard?  These camps would be open to all ages and could last anywhere from one week to two.  We would start our children early speaking our language and knowing our Chahta story.

As our children grew they would be monitored to learn their individual strengths through examination of grades and from an assessment.  For example, if by say 7th grade it became clear that a young Chahta girl was good at math then it would be up to our community to foster her natural talent, open up the world of career exploration during summers and commend her for the gifts she was blessed with.  As she entered high school she would be encouraged to participate in Choctaw programs that would teach her not only study skills but life skills – give her a foundation for success.

Brothers and sisters we already have such programs in place.  They already have the staff and they are established they just do not work in unison as much as they should.  One should build upon another like the building of a house.

Back to the young girl who would now be a young woman.  It would be up to her if she chose to stay and work among her people but if she did decide to stay her name and qualifications would go into a database and those bright young Chahta’s would be first in line for positions.  Once in those positions they would again be set up for success with training programs specifically designed for future CHAHTA leaders.  For those of you already in the current system you wouldn’t be at the mercy of unethical tyranny.  No Chahta and for that matter no non-Chahta.  As it stands now you have no where to go but that doesn’t have to be the norm.  I’ve been told many times, “… that’s just the way it is.  There is nothing you can do about it..”.  I don’t believe that.

All we need is the design of the system and within a generation it would be Chahta people running the affairs of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.  Because love of the people for most Chahta is like breathing air and a non-Chahta can’t possibly know what that means.  It’s not their fault it is a gift the Creator gave to us.

Tonight, I would like to share with you the blog of another Chahta, Ben Carnes.  As you read his words ask yourself, what would you do with that much money?  My first spending spree would be on – billboards.  LOL ….

“A hypothetical thought evolved into some serious considerations. I think many of you may find this post on my blog interesting, maybe even provoke some serious thoughts of your own. So I hope it will plant a seed in your daily musings.” (Ben Carnes)