Why do we use the word Chahta instead of Choctaw?  As one of our brothers would say  (Language Activist- Yannish) because Chahta is the original pronunciation of our tribal name.  It is the way it is meant to sound not the Nahullo corruption that we have lived with for so many years.

The political side of our nation can get quite ugly.  There are billions of dollars at stake and lots of money rarely brings out the best in people and it certainly brings the non-Chahta’s out in huge numbers ready to save the savages – for a price.

The beautiful part of our Chahta nation is our people that’s why people like Yannish and others fight so hard to control our own destiny by keeping alive our past.  I was once told that this was the 21st century and all that history was over.  We were now a huge corporation, what was done in the 1800’s was done and it was time to move forward.  I agree we should move forward but to keep our past in the past would be a mistake.  If you do not pay homage to your ancestors then the mistakes of the past our bound to be repeated.  If we let the Nahullo’s  and those Choctaws who allow and perpetrate corruption continue to rule us then we make the same mistakes of our forefathers.

I was raised Chahta and most of you were raised the same.  I know I wouldn’t change it.  I wouldn’t change growing up poor.  I wouldn’t change growing up in my community, a community full of Chahta.  To be surrounded by my culture OUR culture was a privilege, a blessing.  Do we really want to hand over our children to a culture that has proven time and time again to not have the Chahta’s best interest at heart?

God bless Norma Howard.  If you look at her art you can see the heart of the Chahta.  I look at her work almost daily to remind me of why I continue to exercise my right to voice my opinion.  I didn’t want this fight but you my brothers and sisters continue to listen because you know- because you have seen what I am writing about.  We don’t have to put up with the abuse and we are the only ones who can stop it.