“…maybe you can address this issue. when Chief goes to Texas or different states, he tells Choctaws that they can receive help. First time a card carrying Choctaw calls from Texas, they are told you do not live in the 10 1/2 counties so we can’t help you. I’ve been at the Texas meetings and have heard what the Chief promises that it doesn’t matter where you live, they will help.
If Texas is out of the 10 1/2 counties which it obviously is, then why on Wednesdays several seniors from Texas come and eat at the Choctaw Community Center? They even take advantage of getting free tickets to the concerts. They are usually the first to sign up…”

First of all, I can only make an educated guess. My guess would be that chief pyle doesn’t really know what programs are for those who live outside of the CNO boundaries. Just like any politician he makes promises that have little to do with what’s actually available. I am sure he was speaking in front of a group of registered voters and decided to make promises. Maybe if he knew in advance where he would be speaking (yes, sarcasm again I apologize) he would have prepared more thoroughly and perhaps would have been carrying a list of programs available to those of us who live outside of the 10 1/2 counties.

I am not the expert on out of boundary programs for those Chahta’s living outside of the nation but I do know programs exist for Chahta’s purchasing a home (federal grant monies, not revenue money). Also, as with the Indian Health Service all tribal members can use whatever IHS facility is closest to them. People may also partake in activities in any community center they wish – they may have to drive to do it, but it is free to them because even though they live outside of our traditional boundaries they are still Chahta.

What I would like to address is that none of the current services would go away if a new party were voted in. With proper management and emphasis on Chahta success those services would expand and only get better.