Sisters and Brothers Good Morning!

You might be asking yourself what flawed business model are we talking about?  Let me explain.

Assistant Chief directly overseas over 20 business units.  This workload is absolutely ridiculous.  There aren’t enough hours in a day to EFFECTIVELY head that many businesses.  It leaves this man spending his time putting out fires instead of effectively insuring the success of those departments/businesses.  A CEO must be able to TRUST those in charge of those departments/businesses.

You know what, he actually CAN’T trust them.  From construction directors who have restaurant quality kitchens to executive directors with mini mansions – assistant chief is trying to get a handle on all of it.  I know you are thinking I am being soft on him but wait – he is responsible for the structuring of his systems.

Let’s take the salamander for instance, you cut off one of its limbs and it just grows another.  You fire an underling for misappropriating funds but the ED just grows another one.  Why, because the ED (who lives quite spectacularly – misappropriating??  IDK) is part of the good ole boy system and is protected by YOU.

YOU surround yourself with Nahullo’s who moan the existence of the Chahta employee.   The halls are filled with derogatory statements such as “they are the worst”, “CDIB holders give the most resistance” and the one I heard that made me ill, “Never met a smart one”.  These are the people you surround yourself with and are attempting to trust even though YOU and the council have heard the stories of abuse to the Chahta people almost on a daily basis?  No wonder you need the chain of command system, if you didn’t have it your office would be filled with Chahta people trying to save their position within the nation.  As if you would.

Do you really think the non-Chahta’s make better businessmen, like chief does?  When you are alone and you look at the corrupt and unethical ED’s you have around you – are they so much better?  From what I hear you were raised by a good strong Chahta family so what happened?

Sisters and brothers this isn’t the 1800’s we don’t have to repeat our past by letting Nahullo’s run our tribe.  We don’t have to be degraded as are our brothers and sisters at the Casinos.  The Choctaw Voting Block party will implement the Choctaw Employee Rights Organization, effectively balancing the system and ensure that no Choctaw employee will suffer abuse without a confidential advocate on their side.