Tonight’s bit on the local news featured some Choctaw dancers, a few Executive Directors, chief and assistant chief.  AC commented that employees at the CNO were about fifty fifty.  He meant 51% non-Choctaw.  Of those 51% very few are in managerial and above positions.  I wish I had the percentage but they keep that under lock and key.

Don’t get me wrong I think having every Monday designated as Choctaw Heritage Day is a great idea.  However, it doesn’t begin to address the bigger problems this administration has concerning the Chahta people. The Chahta people they were elected to serve.

For instance, a couple of those featured dancers work in the maintenance department.  For years they have worked there – now I don’t know the particulars (maybe they were awful employees, I find that hard to believe since I have had many interactions with them).  What I do know is Tony Messenger (now a councilman) left the position of Executive Director over facilities, which includes maintenance, not one of those Chahta men or women were considered for the job even though it had become not an Executive Director position but re-designated as a Director position.  Not one of them, but when they want to look “Choctaw” they ask them to dance.  Also, among the dancers were security personnel their Executive Director is also non-Choctaw but I didn’t see him dancing.

I want to see our people dancing our traditional Chahta dances and wearing traditional clothing.  I also want to see them excel in their chosen professions.  I want to see them managing our businesses and our departments.  I want to see them able to rise within the nation and lead if they choose to do so.  Sadly at this time that isn’t going to happen but to a very few who make it through the non-Chahta ceiling.  The ceiling perpetrated by those whose responsibility is to empower the Chahta people not just pull them out to dance for the camera.