From a valued Chahta voice:

“…ok, but it is not enough to just throw the rascals out – unless you reform the Constitution and put in Executive checks and balances; consisting of balances between the Executive the Legislative and the Court.  Otherwise – when somebody else gets elected they toss out all of the people u just put in – and around we go again…”

This Chahta man is correct.  If by hard work, good luck and maybe a miracle we are able to put in a new administration the system of checks and balances would have to change within the Choctaw Constitution.  As it stands the position of Chief has way too much power that is why we have had the same basic administration since the election of Hollis Roberts.  This chief is very proud of no one running against him in the last three election cycles.  Another important Chahta voice had this to say about the elections for chief.

“…The sad thing is, the administration would likely win without resorting to ballot fraud and ballot box stuffing. I mean, 30 years of the Bishinik telling folks in California that the streets are paved in gold thanks to (insert the tribal candidates name here) and no word from any opposition candidate pretty much insures them the absentee vote. But the corrupt mindset of Little Dixie has blinded the administration to where they have become so paranoid about losing power that they cheat when there is really no need. So beginning in 2003, the voices of opposition rebelled against this corrupt election process. They felt that they would not be dupes, lending an air of legitimacy to the whole process and refused to run against the incumbent Chief.

 I have always wondered why the administration did not field a straw-man candidate, so that there would be the appearance that the Choctaw people had a voice and used it in tribal elections. But instead, they declared that the Choctaw people were so pleased with the administration that no one felt led to run against it. And they still feel that feeble explanation holds today. And the sad thing is, time is on their side. Folks like me, who were active in the process, are in our 50’s to 80’s now. New activist generations have bought into the lies of the administration. They think they have a real voice, where none exists. Like I said, those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. They rale against the Chief and Assistant Chief and look for a candidate to replace them, when in fact there is no system to replace them. It is a loaded deck. And it has the full blessing of the BIA in Muskogee. I can give you examples, but the best one is what happened to Harriet O’Leary Wright back in 1984. Harriet, a well-known council-woman from Pittsburg County ran for Chief in 1984. She had the same problem with no access to the voter’s list that candidates do today. But she knew that the contract with the BIA for tribal membership required the tribe to report the names and addresses of all tribal electors to the BIA as part of the contract. So she sued for access from the BIA under the Freedom of Information Act. And she actually won. But before the judge could order the BIA to hand over the voter’s list, the Area Director (remember, they serve at the discretion of the tribal chiefs) changed the terms of the contract and only required the tribe to turn over the names, without addresses or other identifying information, to the BIA. So when the judge ordered the BIA to turn over the list, Harriet received a list of names alone, with no way of knowing where they lived or how to identify them.”

You know brothers and sisters what I say to this: now is a new day we have social networking tools within our grasp to reach the thousands of Chahta tribal members.  As of 4:55pm , Thursday February 2, 2012 this blog has been viewed 4,855 times and we have a year and a half before new election cycles for council then for chief.  Imagine what we could do if we RAISE OUR VOICE NOW and tell every Chahta we know to get registered and fill their ears with the sins of this administration.  Our elders are our heart and soul but my plea is to the young Chahta brothers and sisters who haven’t thought to use their power to make change – We fight for you!  You should know who you are.  You are the descendents of attempted genocide survivors.  This Chahta Nation is YOUR legacy don’t let the Nahullo control your nation!  Don’t be content with your oppression while the Nahullo’s get wealthy from the backs and sovereignty of the people.

And to those Chahta’s who have left the boundaries of our nation, we need you.  We need you to look with your intelligence and your heart and remember where you came from.  Your homeland needs you to protect your Chahta Nation or our government will be in Nahullo control for generations to come.