The water rights commercials are beautiful aren’t they.  The colors and the soft soothing voice – it truly is a beautiful commercial.  Hmmm wonder what happened to the proud Chahta Ohoyo who once narrated those commercials?  There was a separation – ahh I see.  I guess her wings were just too strong and needed to be clipped but it’s okay there are so many non-Choctaws who can do her work.  Right chief and future chief?  Why not actively assign a recruiter who recruits Chahta’s as the Chickasaws do?  Oh yeah that’s right, one of our members remembered chief ‘s 1993 speech at  Labor Day:

.. he did not understand the fuss about the tribe hiring so many white people. He said he did it because they would work. “Now you get two fullbloods out there, all they do is watch each other’s back like chicken hawks. One will say that the other is not doing his share. The other will say that the first is lazy. Why, I can put one white person out there and they will do the work of four fullbloods. Because they know they have to work if they are going to work for us.”

As you can tell I am in a sarcastic mood because I, like you, want something to be done now!  Sigh – but it’s business as usual.  I am sure the same old construction company is using Travel Plaza diesel plus providing it for all of their children and friends.  I am sure our Chahta people are being treated as second class citizens at the Casino (actually, you don’t have to be just Chahta for the little pony tailed General to treat you like something on a shoe), I am sure the harrassers and the oppressors are hard at work as I type.  I am sure cheif’s non-Choctaw gatekeeper is busily writing his next speech or his next response (oh you thought those were actually HIS words) or deciding who he will see today, tomorrow, next week or for the next two years.  I am sure one of our dead relatives is reading up on who to vote for next election.  Look at what he allegedly (I am advised to put allegedly since this is heresay, even though its from an eyewitness) said?

These are the Choctaws who we have elected to represent the Chahta people yet they do not represent us.  Where is the pension for the elderly?  Where are the funds for out of CNO territory scholarships and services?  Yes, I know our absentee brothers and sisters receive services – did you know that most of those are grant based?  From the Feds to your pocket – so what of gaming revenue?  Where is all the empowerment to the people?  So you get $800 dollars a semester for college and your happy?  I’ve got three words for you “Billion Dollar Business”, really it’s more like billions (feel free to correct me if I’m incorrect).  Debt free and your happy about $800 per month?  Where is the Choctaw Employee Rights Organization that SHOULD be operated by the tribe to protect the people?  Why are there millions upon millions of dollars worth of steel sitting in a warehouse for years now?

So back to water rights.  So the Choctaw Nahullo tribe and the Chickasaws win.  What would happen?  The ones who covet the water will have to pay for it and where will those profits go chief and future chief?  I would almost guarantee they go back into the same machine that doesn’t provide the above mentioned initiatives and grandmother survives on another $800 per/month but she will have plenty of cheese provided by a grant program from the federal government.