Outside of chief’s office is the main reception area.  One of our many followers had a couple of questions:  1) How come she was treated so rudely and 2) how come the receptionist no longer dresses in the traditional Choctaw dress as did the former receptionist?

In answer to the first question I have no idea why you were treated so rudely.  Perhaps the receptionist was having a bad day or a frustrating moment that had nothing to do with you or perhaps her supervisor thinks that behavior is okay, after all she is just greeting visitors and tribal members into the main offices of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.  Either way you probably deserve an apology but don’t hold your breath.

If we think about it a traditional Choctaw Dress is just way too historical.  It speaks to the traditions, symbols and culture of our Chahta people before removal.  This administration, especially future chief wants little to do with the history of our people or he would take control of his non-Chahta ED’s and have them incorporate our Chahta people, traditions and history into places of importance. He would actively seek to make sure Chahta people and Chahta employees weren’t being abused.  He would look to his own good ole boy network and hold them to the same standards as those below them are held.   He and chief wouldn’t relegate the business and the Chahta people as if they were separate factions of the tribe with one having very little to do with the other.

It’s not just a dress.  Our tribe’s management being 80% non-Chahta is not just another statistic.  Hiring from across the Red River or out of Vegas does not mean superior intelligence.  So now here we are subjects of a non-Chahta ruling class at the behest and blessing of this administration.