Good evening Sisters and Brothers,

I want to talk a bit about the benefits of a multi party system.  It seems that once we get a group elected to the position of Chief they never leave.  They become complacent and forget who they serve.  They instruct employees to “voluntarily” meet on the methodists church’s lawn across from the complex to work on their campaigns.  Oh the meetings are always called “voluntary” but if that’s voluntary then I must not understand the meaning of the term.  In other council elections dead voters rise from their places of rest to cast a vote.  This has got to stop.

In a multi party system a candidate must be more responsive to the needs of the people because they are more likely to be voted out if they don’t abide by their parties beliefs.  In the current system the incumbent rarely has an opponent, is this because the people are so pleased?  The Chahta voices I am hearing are not happy and ready to make changes especially with the looming term of future chief Gary Batton who seems to be out of touch with the people he is and will be charged with serving.

It is up to us to make the change.  If we want a CNO Government “ole boy system” free then we must vote out the “ole boys”.  If we want our traditions, language and sense of family community in tact then we have to vote to make it so.  If we want the Chahta government operated by Chahta people then we must make it so.