More than one anonymus source has provided information on widespread nepotism within the Choctaw Nation offices.  To be nepotism free in our indian community would be difficult because even though our community has over 200,000 members our village still feels, at times, small.  The nepotism I am referring to are employees who are non-Choctaw hiring their family members and then supervising those employees who are also their kin.  The working environment  this usually creates is fraught with tension and at times can become hostile.  If a spouse who is a Director hires his wife then the other employees in the department now have two directors whether the wife holds the title or not.  There are other problems as well.  Who decided on the wife’s pay rate?  Who approves pay increases?  What if a wife is jealous?  What if the husband is jealous?

What if the wife decides the attractive young Chahta woman must go?  Even if the young Chahta woman is doing a wonderful job and has begun new initiatives because she is excited to be working for her people?  That young woman is fired but the Director did give her 30 days to find another position.  After the 30 days – tough.  The wife is enjoying her job and their household is enjoying two incomes thanks to the protection granted to THEM by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.  Oh and don’t forget the young Chahta woman could not step out of the chain of command and was therefore at the mercy of the couple.

A phantom can be described as something fairly invisible.  You know of its presence but you don’t really know why it’s there or in this case why the phantom employee receives a pay check.  Not only does the CNO have phantom employees but these invisible employees are related to some of our leaders.  Sister of the King and Brother of a Queen.  Not only will these ghostly employees receive a pay check but rest assured if they are listed on the books as employees then they will also receive a pension and probably a Thanksgiving ham.  This bit of information was also provided by several different sources at different times -independent of each other.