Brothers and sisters if you have been harassed, oppressed, demoted or fired while working for YOUR Choctaw Nation you have alternatives – but most of those alternatives don’t really work.  You can file for unemployment but unlike the past expect to be denied and expect the leaders of your nation to use untruths and made up evidence.  Expect them to not give you due process as stated in the policies and procedures.  Once you file for unemployment and you have been denied you can send in your response and request for them to look at the case again.  To them they believe the employer is honest and truthful they don’t know that they are dealing with the CNO.

Now once you are denied again there is the EEOC or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  This agency is federal and you must go through your state system first (in our case Oklahoma unemployment).  To file with the EEOC you need to have been discriminated against in the following ways:  1) Age  2) Disability 3)Equal Compensation 4)Genetic Information 5) National Origin 6)Pregnancy 7)Race/Color 8) Religion 9) Retaliation 10) Sex and 11) Sexual Harassment.

I have spoken with the EEOC office in Oklahoma City.  Tribes must give permission to allow an EEOC investigation.  NOW – if you believe you have experienced the above (and I know many many of you have) then we need to file with the EEOC within 300 days of your termination (I verified this with the EEOC office).  You don’t have to have been fired you can be experiencing this on the job now and you can file also.  Just know though that if you do file and you are still working there you will lose your job.  So why even do it?

Let me tell you what will happen we will file and the tribe will not grant the EEOC permission to investigate.  The Choctaw Nation will use their sovereign rights granted to us as a tribe AGAINST tribal members.  Here is the purpose:  Our people need to see the CNO using sovereignty against their own.  We will need to write articles and send to every media outlet in the state of Oklahoma and the major outlets in the Texas area.  We will also need to send articles to all of the major American Indian newspapers and magazines across the United States.  This is the backbone of peaceful protest – marketing.

If you’ve seen the latest news stories concerning the “Occupy Wall Street” movement then I want you to imagine our Chahta people protesting the treatment and oppression of its Choctaw citizens by this administration.  We may not have many alternatives when we act alone but acting together we are strong and our numbers grow stronger every day.

I have the paperwork needed for the EEOC filing.  If you are as tired as I am of this treatment send me your email address and I will send you what you need.  Remember, 300 days from the date of your separation.  I am with you.