Late night phone calls and texts are coming in at a rapid pace.  Mostly the question is “how can we help” or “what can we do” but sometimes a call comes in that brings light to some dark corners.  I don’t know this person personally.  But what he had to say sounded so familiar in HOW things are being, have been and continue to be done.

A certain non-CDIB owned company was brought up from central Texas with the promise from certain people in our administration that they would “never be without work”.  Not only would our tribe (oh wait I shouldn’t say OUR tribe –  I should say our tribe’s elected administration) keep them working (I thought bidding was the uh…proper protocol) they also keep them, their family and friends in diesel from, you guessed it, Choctaw Travel Plaza’s.  I don’t know about you but last time this Chahta bought diesel I paid out of my pocket for it.

Brothers and Sisters these aren’t just little jobs.  This company has become wealthy according to the source.  Sometimes netting money like you and I will NEVER see. You and I will also never see some of the equipment taken away when the CNO arena was dismantled unless we go to this companies property.

Now, the prize trophy deer was proudly displayed in a picture by one of the company heads.  In the caption below the picture it read:

“Courtesy of the Choctaw Nation” – if you know how much one of these deer hunts cost be sure and let everyone know.  We all must know who we have ELECTED.

You may ask yourself why this source would contact me.  Let’s just say his Chahta loved one has a degree and is making 7 dollars per/hour and pays for his/her own diesel.