I remember working for the CNO and being so disappointed at what I could see.  I had started my job with such enthusiasm I had always wanted to work for my people.  Was it idealistic.  Yes – very.  The lack of respect for Choctaw people just astounded me.  It sickened me brothers and sisters.  It would have made you angry.  I found myself angry as if these people were insulting my family – because they were.

I write about this now because other Chahta’s and myself would speak amongst ourselves about how wrong the picture seemed to be.  Chahta’s who had worked there all of their adult lives would say “that’s just the way it is” and they would imply that we couldn’t now or ever do anything about it.  We can.  We can stop the importing of Vegas casino workers into our casinos who then take hours away from the current employees.  We can stop our Chahta people from automatically being placed in EVS then passed up for promotions – even with a degree.  There is nothing wrong with working in the EVS department – without those hard working people our facilities would quickly look dirty and grimey.  They make our nation look sanitary. I just can’t wrap my mind around NOT taking care of the people that voted you in???  Whew…

Moving on.  What can we do NOW?  People are ready to do something NOW.  I have been asked that question three times today and my Chahta siblings I like the question.  That means you are as hungry for change as I.  Here is what you can do as soon as you wish to do it.

1.  Take ownership of contacting at least ten people and making sure they have both a CDIB card and a Choctaw membership card so they can VOTE.  Offer to drive them to membership if you need to.

2.  Those same ten people you have chosen – print off the blog posts and give it to them to read.  If you don’t have the capabilities to print from home find a library or a friend with a printer or direct them to the URL for the blog http://www.choctawvotingblock.wordpress.com

3.  Those same ten people:  Assure them their participation in the Choctaw Indian Rights Movement can be anonymous what we are asking them to do (vote a long standing chief out/or take out his designated replacement) can be a little frightening.  We are dealing with a powerful organization – no let me correct that – we are dealing with an organized group of people who have a lot of money at their disposal.  Encourage your ten to not believe the HYPE offered to us through the huge machine that is the chief’s office.

4.  Talk amongst yourselves – tell any Chahta who will listen about the movement.

5.  As Chahta’s we really are groups of families within a larger group of tribal members.  Fry some chicken for the next family reunion and take copies of the blog posts.

6.  And don’t forget we need council candidates in EVERY district.  Our message needs to be loud and clear about what happens when you don’t stand up for the people.

7.  Lastly, we are in desperate need of funds.  Let me tell you why – BILLBOARDS, printed materials and t-shirts.

I had already been looking at traffic stats from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation when one of our CVB members suggested billboards.  I totally agree.  The stats for a billboard outside of Durant on Hwy 70 was astounding 396,000 traffic in one month.  The cost: $500.  That is just one price from one company (feel free to look up all areas within the Choctaw Nation to get other stats and prices).  If we pick a few billboards in these next few months I think we would get the word out to those Chahta’s who maybe don’t have or ever want the internet (you know Grandmother and Grandfather don’t care much for the internet).

If you have good fundraising ideas let me know.  I’m thinking ball tournaments.  OKC group has already been looking into basketball facilities for tournaments and you know how all indins love to play ball.  This might be a good time to put together a board of directors with a treasurer we don’t want any hint of impropriety.  As a matter of fact any funds raised should be accounted for publicly.

You have my contact information 580.579.3510 or choctawvotingblock@yahoo.com.  Please only text because I am still trying to remain anonymous but the anonymity won’t last long.  I know you got great ideas and the time to start is now.  Yakoke!