“Remember that it is not by a tyrants words, but only by his deeds that we can know him” 

Dwight D. Eisenhower



The stories of oppression, abuse and tyranny flowing out of every casino owned by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is shameful.  Stories of disrespect for Choctaw intelligence, false accusations, abuse of power sexually, monetarily and schedule wise.  Is it the General Managers who are to blame?

Think about this brothers and sisters.  No little tyrant is safe without a big tyrant supporting him (HER).  Most likely those General Managers are in the same boat being rowed by the same team.  From the employee fired after giving birth and ordered to stay home after complications by her doctor.  To the young Choctaw fired for smoking pot and failing to pass a drug test.

I know what some of you might be thinking.  First lets think about some of the many stupid things we did as young people.  Things that were dangerous and ignorant of the implications to those around us.  Did we grow emotionally and intellectually as we aged?  I hope so.  I like to think I have.  Many young people who have worked for the Choctaw Nation have been fired and told they could NEVER EVER work for the Choctaw Nation EVER AGAIN.  Meaning that young woman/man who was fired – if they went to rehab or if they just simply stopped using illegal substances for the next 50 years STILL could not work for the tribe.  What men living in glass houses made up that rule?  If that is a gaming commission rule just let me know.  Very good thing this rule doesn’t apply to the administration.

I have to say this, the great redeemer is Christ and through the horrific death of Jesus Christ, God forgives our sins if only we ask.  Once we ask, God forgives and gives it not another thought because he loves each of us as we love our own children.  Not so for this tribe.

Now lets say the situation above isn’t true it was just told to this young person by a vindictive supervisor.  Who can this person go to?  Kyle Birch?  I know you tribal members working at the casino are laughing and so am I.  I could go into all of the problems with chain of command systems but I want to wait for another post.  Back to Kyle Birch he is a reflection of the Casino Leadership.  He is verbally abusive and uses his position of power to make people feel like they are nothing – he is a reflection of the Casino Leadership.

Chahta’s do you believe there are those among you who have worked at the Casino for years who could be supervisors?  I do.  Do I think you have been purposefully overlooked and demoralized in this autocratic system?  I know you have been.  You don’t have to stand for it – none of us do any longer.