As the Choctaw Indian Rights Movement moves forward and as we form the new Choctaw Voting Block political party within our tribe the amount of Choctaws joining the movement is telling.  The accounts of abuse and disrespect, while not surprising, are growing each day.  As you know we will be looking for pro-Choctaw candidates in each district and we will be looking for a candidate for Chief.  We already have individuals interested in taking up the cause and representing the CVB party.  I would like to stress what that means for the potential candidates.  The CVB party will abide by the Choctaw Constitution.  The Constitution will be used as a guide.  Our current administration jokes about how those words were written way before he was even born.  To us those words will be our guide much as the sacred pole once guided our forefathers to our original lands.  Our constitution will guide us in the workings of our Choctaw Nation.

Choctaw Voting Block candidates will agree to CVB principals and will uphold their offices with regards to our Chahta people.  Candidates before being chosen as the final CVB candidate will agree to the following:

*  Immediate implementation of the Choctaw Employee Rights Organization

*  Immediate removal of the current administration and those who have abused, misused or oppressed in their positions of power

*  Reorganization thru all levels among all entities beneath the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma umbrella

*  Implementation of a pension plan for all half Choctaw – full blood Choctaw to begin at the age of  65


These are suggestions that we have made part of our principles. If you have a suggestion you would like to see added please contact me.  I would like for you to take note that many suggestions for employees rights and dignity are available in the post concerning the Choctaw Employee Rights Organization.  If you feel a higher calling and would like to be considered for office please contact me – you will be the founding fathers, mothers and grandparents of our new system.

I would also like to stress.  If you see any of these suggestions or any of the ideas implemented mentioned in these posts (such as the brand spanking new “Safe Place” now offered by the CNO) just remember where you saw it first.  It is very important for you to know that they just really didn’t care that much until it was brought to their attention through the Choctaw Voting Block blog.