Good afternoon Chahta brothers and sisters,

Those of you who are currently employed with the Choctaw Nation what would you have to gain by voting with Choctaw Voting Block political party?  As we work on the mission, vision and values of our organization for publication we only work on how it should be worded.  The morals, ethics and goals we know by heart.  It is what we wish we had received when we worked at the nation.

We consider this our opportunity to genuinely empower the Chahta people.  You as a Choctaw employee- if you become an anonymous member of our organization and we win seats in Council and our Chief candidate wins election you will receive more stability than you have ever known.  Qualified Choctaw employees will be actively recruited.  Current Choctaw employees will be assessed and supported then put into positions that align with their natural talents and abilities.  If there be a position that a qualified Choctaw cannot be found then a Choctaw who has been found to possess the talents required for the position will be mentored and put into the position within a designated period of time. The mentor would come on board knowing their place is to support the professional development of the Choctaw member and then leave.  All positions of supervision will have a successor in place who is Choctaw.  OUR succession plan would rely on bright intelligent Choctaws to run the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma for generations to come.

I would like to compare our simplified succession plan to the current, yet to be announced, succession plan of the Batton/Pyle regime.  You probably already know – the current succession plan is extremely non-Choctaw oriented.  The non-Choctaw Executive Directors have placed non-Choctaw candidates in their succession plans and this is endorsed by (lets give their party a name for them) the APPLE party.

I would like to add certain Executive Directors such as Sue Folsom and Judy Allen are Choctaw.  Not only are they Choctaw but they will actually hire Choctaws to higher positions and mentor them to ensure their success.  Their actions only serve to prove my point.  You must be Choctaw to have a enough love for the people to want our future nation run by members of the Choctaw tribe.  Neither of those women would ever ever say “the days of shuffling Choctaws around until they find a job that suits them are over…”  like non-Choctaw Executive Director Susan Stockton.  It’s just too bad she is THE head of all hiring, firing and benefits.  And especially sad that Gary Batton supports her unconditionally.

Finally, beneath the Choctaw Voting Block party administration there will be a Choctaw Employee Rights Organization specifically for Choctaw tribal members to help retain current Choctaw employees and ensure Choctaw people who want to work at the nation first pick at the jobs available. If they wish professional development their progress will be noted and their records updated within the CERO system.  When a termination is requested a full 360 degree investigation will be a requirement when trying to fire any Choctaw employee.  The employee will be assumed innocent and it will be up to the firing official to prove their case against any Choctaw employee.  Also, within CERO will be a conflict resolution office to assist departments by providing tools for a more harmonious work environment.

My Chahta people only a few days ago the current administration started “Your Safe Place”.  The idea being that if an employee is working under an oppressive, abusive supervisor they will have a safe place to report the behavior.  Does this sound familiar?  Was this before or after the initiation of this blog?  See we are already making a difference.

Now to tell you what sickens me.  The “Your Safe Place” is operated by the same Susan Stockton/Margaret Jackson HR office.  That would be comparable to having the wolves watch the lambs.  chief – assistant please tell me you are not that ignorant of human behavior?  Really?  Your incompetent decisions astound me.