An honorable Chahta person wrote to me and this is part of what he/she, (we are being watched by people in power so I must protect our Chahta people as much as possible so you will only see identifying information if the Chahta requests their name/sex/age etc., be provided) had to say:

“Surely not all the council members are bad”?

I have thought about this over the past few days.  I don’t think any of the council members are “bad” people.  In particular Perry Thompson (District #8) is one of the most honorable men you will ever meet.  I wish he was our Chief (I will capitalize the title for Perry).  However, we need councilmen who will stand up for the people against the Executive Directors (Gary Batton is their puppet – take a stand against the Executive Directors and you automatically take a stand against The Apple (Batton is an apple:  Red on the outside and white on the inside).  Ted Dosh District 9, is a good example of a weak member of council.  His district, rightfully so, has the most amount of Choctaw employee firings, oppression and abuse because he has the highest number of Choctaw employees in his district.  He has been asked for help from his Chahta constituents countless times and in the past, if he chose too (that little phrase is extremely important here) he was able to help them.  Times have changed.

Why have they changed?  Executive Director, Susan Stockton (non-Choctaw) with the support of chief and assistant chief has done away with the “transfer list”.  Historically, if a Choctaw employee suffered abuse or was not a good fit in a department they could put their names on this list and try to find another position within THEIR nation.  The philosophy of white woman Susan Stockton:  The days of Choctaws being shuffled around until they find a job that is a better fit are over.  They will have to apply like everyone else.

Lets look at the flaws in this philosophy shall we.

#1  We were granted  “sovereign dependent nation” status by the United States Constitution.  One of the many implications of this status is the legal right to have first Choctaw then Indian preference.  If we do not use our Constitutional right for Choctaw preference then it weakens our sovereignty.  It weakens our sovereignty…will that effect you Suze?  Yes it does by strengthening your power within OUR nation.  Chahta’s it tears down not only the ability to serve and work at OUR nation for us but for our families for generations to come.  You would think Gary Batton (since basically chief is stepping down) who is next in line for Chief would recognize this?  The man is either stupid to the point of incompetence or he just doesn’t understand that come voting time Susan Stockton will not be able to make a mark by his name.

#2  Sovereign status was not granted to the Choctaw administration.  It was granted to the CHOCTAW PEOPLE who make up the body of the CHAHTA tribe.  For a white woman to come in and decide for OUR tribe who will or will not be hired is treason to the CHAHTA people by this administration.

Stockton is not the only example of non-Choctaw dominance within the tribe but she is very open about her disdain for Chahta’s also proclaiming  –  the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma to now be a business and therefore will behave as would corporate America and the biggest hurdle to this philosophy are CDIB holders.  Really?  Is that what we now are?  Do we really want to fashion ourselves after ENRON?  I will be sure to tell Grandmother you said so. Susan is not a dumb woman she has a sidekick her token Choctaw is the deputy director of human resources, Margaret Jackson, who was passed up over and over for Executive Director of human resources she is an Apple as well.  She is responsible for many firings all over the nation (safety department, organizational development, education programs) why is she responsible?  She seems to not know what confidentiality means and has a hard time with the truth, thanks chief for putting this one in a position where confidentiality is part of the job description.

The balance of power thanks to chief and assistant has shifted to the nahola’s.  It could only happen this way with our leaderships blessing.  It is a sad time for Chahta people.