Good early early morning,

Now that I know many of my Choctaw sisters and brothers have found our organization it’s important that you share your stories.  Do you know I have even had a non-Choctaw share with me a horrible story of what happened to her family member while working at the Casino? It made me want to publish to the world what these people are capable of.

There is always room for human decency.  If we truly walk the path of Christianity or we believe in a higher power I have to ask myself how do these aggressors sleep at night?  We pray for them yes, we walk a higher road yes but we use the good sense God gave us to remove them when necessary.  Must our Chahta women face men in power who want to take away their dignity?  Must any woman working at the Choctaw Nation?

You can tell your story and/or the story of someone you know.  Our people need to hear the truth.