Brothers and Sisters Halito,

I am sure most of you have seen or heard about the New Hampshire Republican primary.  As you know, the Republican party are choosing their candidate to run against the Democratic candidate who is almost certainly current President Barrack Obama.

The Choctaws currently have no political party we are fed marketing hype through avenues such as the Biskinik and television commercials.  The contact information for registered voters is a closely guarded secret by the current administration.  This chief has had no opponent the last few election years.

Our goal is to change this unbalanced system.  ChoctawVotingBlock will be the first political party within the Choctaw Nation.  We need candidates in each council district and a candidate for Chief.  These candidates must meet OUR criteria and that criteria must first be concerned with the EMPOWERMENT of the Choctaw people.  The current administration likes to throw around the phrase “empowerment” of the Choctaw people but how can you even utter that phrase without giving your people the chance to work at their OWN nation?  How can that phrase be used by this administration when most of the sought after high level positions are held by non-Choctaws who are threatened because of supposed Choctaw preference.  Not only is there no Choctaw preference but the Choctaws who do work there that show signs of a bright future are abused, lied about and have their wings effectively clipped by upper level white or non-Choctaw supervisors, Directors, Executive Directors, Assistant Chief, Chief and COUNCIL.

The next wave of council elections are set to take place, I believe, in about a year and a half (if I am wrong please let me know and I will immediately correct the mistake).  I am certain Ted Dosh in District 9 (highest amount of Choctaw Tribal member firings) and District 5 will be coming up for re-election.  Also don’t be surprised to see chief step down before the end of his term within the next few months or next two years.  Gary Batton will automatically assume the role of Chief if this happens we should call for an immediate impeachment because rest assured he currently surrounds himself with non-Choctaws and sees Choctaws as only people who need services to empower them by assuring a place for them at the Choctaw Nation must be too threatening to his own position of power.

In conclusion dearest Choctaw members we need to make sure our Choctaw family and friends are eligible and ready to vote (they must have a Choctaw membership card along with a CDIB).  We need to start thinking of good, ethical, smart Choctaws to replace current council and Chief.  WE NEED TO BE READY AND WILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES TO GET THE VOTES and that means talking to our relatives and asking them to see past this administrations hype and look at their actions AGAINST our Choctaw people.