Good afternoon!
You might be asking yourself what is the ultimate goal of the ChoctawVotingBlock organization?  It’s fairly simple.  We want new leadership – a pro Choctaw leadership.  We want a Chief who has enough faith in the Choctaw population that he/she actively seeks qualified Choctaws.  In the end ChoctawVotingBlock wants to see a Choctaw Employee Rights Office.  This special department would recruit, train and develop Choctaw employees.  When a Choctaw is fired there would be a non-bias investigation and every attempt would be made to keep that Choctaw employee.
Thanks to Gary Batton what we have now is Directors and Executive Directors who are not Choctaw abusing Choctaw employees.  He sides with the non-Choctaw, we have seen it time and time again.  So, by electing a pro-Choctaw Chief we save the running of our nation for those who love the people and believe the people are intelligent enough to take care of our Choctaw enterprises.