Our Choctaw children are being abandoned and abused.  The Choctaw Nation doesn’t have enough foster homes to care for all of our orphans.  With the “meth” epidemic our children are being raised out of state by strangers who, through no fault of their own, know very little about our culture.  This is shameful.  Our assistant chief and his wife have taken in one of these children, an honorable thing but yet another example of not seeing the big picture.  Wake up we need orphanages!  Loving caring facilities for our children!  You taking in one child doesn’t even begin to comprehend the bigger picture.  On top of orphanages we need strong programs for the addicts.  They need incentives to clean themselves up and raise their own children.

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is a BILLION dollar industry and we have no orphanages.  An orphan village would not only employ Choctaws but help raise future generations of Choctaw leaders.  These villages would go where they are needed most in the eastern section of the Choctaw Nation.  So before purchasing another plane, corvette or travel trailer think about our children.  We have an award winning RV park with luxurious bathrooms and laundry facilities.  I am sure it cost millions.  So what is the cost for all the Choctaw children with no family?  What are YOU going to say to them?