I know what your thinking, how can we fight the establishment?  How can we love our Choctaw people and NOT fight this establishment?  Did the non-Choctaws want our nation when it was not so prosperous?  No they did not.  It was only until the Choctaw Nation became a billion dollar business did the non-Choctaws want to move in and take over.

Do you know what Batton seems to think?  Does anyone know what our chief thinks?  I don’t know either.  I am just going by actions and their actions speak volumes.  To them it’s about keeping Choctaw people coming back for services.  Do you know what that means?  That means a welfare existence.  You stay poor enough to qualify for the services.  You then become dependent on the services and keep voting the same council and chief in to provide those services.  Here is where this administration fails:  They seem to believe that Choctaws aren’t smart enough to run their own nation.  In the meantime, those Choctaws who are educated, smart and forward thinking – well it’s rare for them to make it past the non-Choctaw oppression to positions of power (power means to be able to have a say, to make change to provide exceptional work).  If they do happen to make it past the oppression then they are a threat to the positions of assistant chief and chief. (Yes I know I am capitalizing the titles of asst. chief and chief – no respect = no capitalization)

What is oppression?  An example would be a Choctaw employee coming up with a good – no great idea.  Then the idea is taken away or they are cornered with words that usually go like this:  “What are you doing this for?  You trying to take away my job?”  Yes folks this has happened way more than once to our own Choctaw people.  asst. chief and chief, well they support that supervisor and if the supervisor happens to be non-Choctaw – doesn’t matter.

I have four words for you:  “White People Can’t Vote”

Muriel (alias)