We realize this is a big step.  We also realize that you know what is going on.  The same thing that happens within the Indian Health Service, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and tribal governments across the United States.  Native peoples are a threat to the non-native’s positions of power.  Why, you might ask.  Specifically because of Choctaw and CDIB preference.  The very rights given to us by the United States Constitution is what ultimately makes tribal members such a huge threat to job security of non-natives.

Within the Choctaw Nation we have around 24 executive directors.  At last count 7 of those are Choctaw – out of almost 24, 7!  These powerful executive directors control the operations of the tribe – OUR tribe is being controlled by a non-indian, non-CHOCTAW executive directors.  In particular the ED of Finance and ED of Human Resources (both non-CHOCTAW) have been responsible for the firing of approximately 9 Choctaws in the past year.  So, not only are they making a six figure salary and offered a vehicle but they are supported in the firing of Choctaw people.  Who supports them?  In particular Assistant Chief.  All these ED’s have to do is make up lies and innuendos and Assistant Chief and Chief listen to them over the Choctaw employee.  This isn’t just a one time occurrence at last count we have over 19 CHOCTAW employees fired in the last year.  Almost EVERY ONE OF THEM the suggestion was made there was a misappropriation of funds.  So not only are our people being fired but their names and honor are being destroyed.  All of this while our Assistant Chief rides around in his new corvette.  Sadly, as many of you may have noticed during Chief’s speech at labor day it seems he may be ill.  We are not saying he is ill but inner circle information say that there is a strong possibility.  Could this be why Choctaw employees are getting no support from Chief?

Our council members are being contacted over and over again about the firings (the firings continue) and have done very little as if they don’t know the powers granted to them by the Choctaw Constitution.  They will come up for re-election before Chief (it is rumored he will step down during this term and Batton (apple-red on the outside/white on the inside) will be Chief without having to run for election.  If Batton becomes Chief that is just like these ED’s becoming Chief.  Batton is merely a puppet for their own agenda’s.  And believe us their agenda’s have nothing to do with empowering the Choctaw people.

CHOCTAWS  we must organize and take back OUR Nation.


1.  We must first find one another.

2.  We then pick from each district a Choctaw who is ethical and pro-Choctaw (one who is not afraid to take on the powerful ED’s)

3.  We change the face of council across the nation

4.  We prevent or quickly take down Gary Batton with a Chief of our choosing (Our Chief has become a mere shadow who will let Choctaw employees be fired in the most shameful way possible by the ED’s and Batton he must retire)

The beautiful thing about this plan is that you as a Choctaw tribal member can do this anonymously.  How?

1.  You can communicate with us by making up a fake email account just as we did here.

2.  You can “like” us on facebook and twitter using a fake facebook account and twitter account

Your identity can be secret it’s your vote that counts the most.  My dear Choctaw brothers and sisters lets not fall the way of our ancestors by ceding millions of acres and be removed from our own tribe once again.  No, we are not in danger of relocating but the NON-Choctaws are once again trying to take away our prosperity for their own selfish reasons and once again the Choctaw leadership in place is letting them.  Let’s put a stop to our people’s repression, lets put a stop to their unethical quest for power.  We are a quiet peace loving people but its time to fight with the most powerful weapon we have EACH OTHER.  As one we are weak as a voting block we take back OUR nation.

Muriel Wright (alias)