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Halito Chahta Family,

As I drive through Oklahoma Indian Country I can’t help but notice all of the different tribal car tags.  And I can’t help but wonder where are the Choctaw tags?  Why isn’t this money saving right not given to us?  Is it because we are too large a tribe?  Well, that’s a stale argument since the Cherokee and Navajo who were, last I checked, bigger than the CNO, have car tags  The Cherokee even see it as an exercise of sovereign rights.

It’s something so simple that would save the average Choctaw tribal member what a few hundred dollars when purchasing a vehicle?  Why would our tribe not participate?  Well why don’t they provide a per/cap?  Why don’t they hold free elections?  Why when someone dares to ask why they are ostracized? 

I think it’s amazing that a growing number of native people, if a member of more than one tribe, will relinquish membership from the tribe that does not offer them a better way of life and retain membership with the tribe that can offer them a better quality of life.  It would be foolish not to do so.

I think the question we should be asking ourselves is where does the money go?  Where are the billions?  If our tribe is not willing to do something as simple as a car tag then what do we have to celebrate?  With the rising cost of living why can’t we get something like a car tag from the tribe who gave almost 16 million in one year to consultants (of course some of that was for African Safari’s – according to the FBI).

With the recent removal of other tribal leaders this past year I can only look to those tribes and say, “you are lucky to have the balance of power where you are allowed to remove leaders who have violated your constitutions, count yourself lucky”.  Our tribe uses federal grant monies and pretends it comes from enterprises while offering to our people bare bones services. 

Meanwhile, we have wealthy nahullo leadership, a 30 plus year regime, a tribal gathering that’s more a carnival, elders who have to raise their own travel money, elders who live in total poverty and… an Oklahoma tag.



Halito Brothers & Sisters,

I have been hearing quite a bit from you and I appreciate it.  That means this blog still is getting the word out about the total abuse of power being practiced by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma leadership.  The same leadership who have had multiple visits from the FBI in the last few months.  One reader has even said there may be as many as 50 people yet to be indicted.  Now, what do you think the CNO will do about this?  Well for one putting one of the most cocky unethical ED’s in charge of other ED’s is typical thinking on the CNO’s part.  Is this new ultra ED Chahta?  Nope, of course not. I suppose she will be delegated the task of keeping other Executive Directors out of federal prison?  So here are just a few things I would suggest Ms. Ultra do, make sure the ED’s don’t stalk and try to rape subordinates, make sure they don’t take kick backs from vendors, make sure they don’t supervise their wives and girlfriends, oh and make sure they don’t hire relatives who then never have to show up for work.  Just a few friendly suggestions.

Change is slowly coming I have heard others say.  So I wanted to give you three signs of true change and until these three things happen there is no change.  1.  Any and all candidates get equal time in our tribal paper 2.  When a sitting Chief leaves the Assistant Chief takes the office only temporarily until elections can be held 3.  A Tribal Employee Rights Organization.

My family until you see these three things we are still being stripped of our right to have a voice in our government.  We are stripped of our rights as surely as we read these words. 



Good Afternoon Brothers & Sisters,

It’s not a story you will see featured prominently anywhere but here is a link I think you will find interesting.

The link concerns steel and bribery and a few things you will see should look familiar to you already because we have discussed them here on this very blog. In case the link doesn’t work I will just tell you six people have been indicted in relation to the construction of the Choctaw Nation Casino including a CNO project manager. The same project manager had little experience but a four year degree and no he wasn’t nor has he ever been an actual Chahta person or even a Native. Beneath him however, was a qualified Chahta with lots of experience, integrity and no degree. Now, I don’t know about you but I would take experience and honesty over a degree any day of the week. A degree is good. Knowing how to get the job done should be just as valuable.

Man, it’s just unbelievable. African safari’s, trips to New York City, designer wares, a Cadillac Escalade, lake homes and mortgage payments. Chahta people, especially you that bust it working for the casino’s being treated like less than – wouldn’t it have been nice if someone had bought you an Escalade and a Lake House or at least remodeled your kitchen with granite counter tops? None of the people that have been indicted are Chahta but to look at the demographics of managers, directors and Executive Directors you would think the Nahollo have some sort of in when it comes to managing the CNO, hmmm wonder what that is? The Construction Executive Director has yet to be charged but I believe he has some explaining to do.

My Chahta family, the CNO is playing the victim. They found the discrepencies in an audit and turned the evidence over to the FBI, because tons and tons of steel is hard to hide without a bunch of people knowing it. But I want you to think about this, when ordering office furniture we were REQUIRED to order from the office furniture company SCOTT RICE. Let me say that again we, in the government offices (as opposed to the Casino offices) were REQUIRED to order office furniture from the SCOTT RICE company. That directive came straight from the top. So I ask you are these six nahollo people the only ones who need a good indictment? Oh and by the way, spending hundreds of dollars on an office chair that you could get at Office Depot for around $65 dollars should give you an idea of how kickbacks work.

How many scholarships would these stolen funds have provided? How many new BRICK INDIAN HOMES would all that wasted stolen money build? How many elderly Chahta per/cap’s could that provide? I can only shake my head – take in the thieves and clothe them, take in the liars and give them gold, tell the Chahta he is stupid and doesn’t know better, that’s what who we have as our champions.

The Chahta people deserve leadership who isn’t in on the pillaging of our people.



Yes for the first time I am writing twice in a 24 hour period. Those who know how to get in touch with me are doing so in secret. I can’t say I blame them. I have always tried to protect my sources identities. However, I am going to ask a favor of Ted Dosh’s family – contact me I may be writing a book about the CNO seeing how I am in hiding anyway. A book with documents thanks to Chahta’s who are fed up with the corruption and the treatment of Chahta people. Maybe I’ll start out with the Chahta Candidate who dared run for Chief and was beaten outside of Tushka Homma during our festival, beaten by Roberts and PYLE’s goons. Chapter Two the mysterious vehicle fire death of a high ranking executive. Chapter Three BUYING THE VOTE.

Speaking of Buying the Vote let’s talk about Ted Dosh. Close to half a million dollars in bankruptcy was filed in his past. Former high school classmates have been very vocal about his words, “I aint no Indian” and “And I sure as hell aint no damn Choctaw” – of course those were words uttered by a very young teen Ted Dosh. However, the bankruptcy was as an adult (its public record). Oh and there is a corporation that loans money to people using their homes as collataral. This corporation loans the money (usually fairly small sums say $500 or so) and kind of like one of those loan places that loans on the deed to your car if you don’t pay criminally high interest loaded loan payments they come in and take your house. A major partner in this corporation, Ted Dosh.

Today, CNO goons ripped down Berdie Williams signs outside a diner/filling station in Bennington (thank you to the eyewitness who graciously shared this information). What are they so scared of? Just the other day I was reading what a wonderful man Ted Dosh was, how he brought in the daycare center, the fitness center, the community center (these were almost all FEDERAL GRANT MONIES). Did he write those grants, of course not. What he actually does is run interference for the Chief and his goons. Actually I think Chief’s goons are on loan to Ted so they can pull up all of Mrs. Williams signs before tomorrow. Ted Dosh is the councilman who has in his district billions of dollars and where does all that money go? How many scholarships did you give out in the past four years Ted? I would have liked to have seen that in an article? I know they don’t use those billions to buy our elders lunch every day. Who out there in Chahta Country thinks the CNO can afford to at least supply one meal a day for the seniors? It’s hard to conceive a billion dollars – try this- there are a billion seconds in 32 years. That’s just one billion and the CNO clears BILLIONS with an “s”. Yeah that could buy at least flour for fry bread every day.

Lets look at Ted Dosh’s campaign in terms you can see from wherever you are. The CNO (not necessarily TED DOSH) is paying thousands upon thousands for a major marketing campaign. You see his glitzy adds in the papers, hundreds of CNO workers are being forced to campaign for him whether they live in his district or not, hundreds of CNO workers are being forced to vote for him whether they are in his district or not (why? Distric 9 is the richest most powerful district). How much would the time of those hundreds of employees be worth to someone like Berdie Williams who is running on her own family’s money which isn’t an unlimited source totaling in the billions? You know what else the head of the CNO election board was seen wearing a Ted Dosh campaign shirt and getting a rest from the heat in his trailer. The HEAD OF THE ELECTION BOARD! The election board is a farce controlled by Greg Pyle. Step down traitor. Look at the Biskinik you haven’t read one word about Berdie Williams have you? Ever ask yourself why not?

You know what my people if you are being forced to vote then take a stand and just don’t vote at all. At least you wouldn’t be contributing to the demise of the Chahta people’s right to a fair election. If Ted Dosh is paying your bills because of your injury in a bar fight don’t vote. You know why he’s paying your bills because you come from a large Choctaw family. You think he really cares whether you live or die past election day?

You know what I suggest to all of you in District 9, on your way to the polls show up at Ted’s house and ask for your money, he’s giving it out but you can sure bet it will dry up day after tomorrow. I really do encourage you to go ask Ted where your money is because we all know the CNO doesn’t give out much money only if your about to lose your residence then it’s $350 plus a few utilities once a year. Maybe a small scholarship or two – think billions and where does it go? If this man wants to buy votes then go get your money!

There is a man who is ill and is treated on a regular basis at the hospital so the family called to see if they could get his ballot mailed to him. The CNO being the angel organization it is offered to hand deliver it – only if he were voting for Ted Dosh. If he were voting for Berdie Williams well sick or not that’s just too bad. Big hearts huh. More like BIG CORRUPTION.

What do we have to do petition the President of the United States? I mean they help countries like Egypt with toletairian regimes? It’s pitiful that our own Choctaw leaders would trample our rights but it’s even more pitiful to see Choctaw people sell themselves so cheaply, sell their children’s rights for dollars, for low paying jobs. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THAT. Our peole have had forty some odd years of this corruption when my people will it end? Ted Dosh has had decades in this office. TED DOSH will NEVER have to worry about how he will live when he retires because his nest is cushy from the sovereignty of our people.

When you cast that vote tomorrow think beyond yourself and if you think about what it means to have real true Chahta blood running in your veins there is no way you could vote for a man who for most of his life was ashamed to be Chahta.

Praying you do whats right for our people,


Halito Chahta Family,

I recently was sent an anonymous message which reads:

“I wonder if this scenerio makes sense to you.

I’ve long wondered how absentee ballots are flooded in at the last moment of an election. We know those Choctaws who were listed in the Bishinik newspaper could not be located. And, IF these same Choctaws DID NOT update their addresses or contact the tribal membership office they still remain “lost”. So their names can be used, ballots sent to various addresses in their names and all will vote for their (CNO’s) candidate. The Absentee Ballot Request Form does not require a person to provide their social security number. The address does not need to even match up with any address. I was told that ballots could be mailed to a different address, one that the voter may be at the time. The ballot address WOULD NOT update their tribal membership address and had nothing to do with tribal membership records.

This is how the dead get to vote as no one at the membership has been provided a death certificate and they remain on the list. Im thinking that if they even called in to change/update their addresses and the ballot is tied to the membership office then why is the membership office even making an attempt to ask for it during an election cycle? Because it identifies those Choctaws who remain “lost” and their ballots are open game. I suspect even voters from other districts can be voted because they are “lost” too!

The only way to at least let tribal membership know that we know is to post for Choctaws on the list who did not update or contact the membership office to ask these Choctaws to call, after the election, to the election board and ask if they voted in the election. Knowing they didn’t well, you can see where it leads. If the membership office knew ahead of time that Choctaws plan to call in after the election maybe they might be a hesitant to use their names. It is the tribal membership office that certifies voters to vote in the election. The election board sends out ballots to those who the membership office has cleared”.

Makes sense doesn’t it? The Biskinik sends out this list of thousands of names because they want to UPDATE their records. I think that may have just came out a couple of months ago? So now the ones they haven’t heard from magically vote for whomever Greg Pyle supports for council in the various elections. Notice that wasn’t a question but a statement.

I ask you this my people how can one man with a smaller group of chosen leaders have so much power? Because we let them, we let him. How can you Choctaw who accept the bribes sleep at night thinking of the betrayal of your own people? I have been called just about everything you can think of but I sleep well knowing what I stand for comes from a good place. When you sit in your church, those Chahta Churches that might as well not exist during an election year, and you accept the promises from those crooked un – Godly men how do you then stand up and say that you are men and women of God? I would rather sit in a hot poor Church filled with REAL Chahta people than sit in a palace with those who have sold their souls.

In years past before the diseases during the Tushka Homma gathering Greg Pyle said, “You have to fire those people they are way too Choctaw”. This is our leader and he makes me ashamed that people think he is our Chief – he is not our Chief – he is our THIEF. He has stolen our very rights and lets those he favors trample upon our free will and he has no respect for the very people he supposedly serves.

Those of you who do not believe what you see here I beg of you to check for yourselves. If you know someone from that long long list call and see how they voted – if they voted. Choctaw Nation can’t be sued (as of yet) but those individuals who work in membership can. I am personally offering $2000.00 dollars to anyone who can video voter fraud, that’s a heck of a lot more than the $350 dollars a year you can get from emergency services (oh since this is an election year you can probably get more than that but don’t worry it will go right back where it was before after the election). This video must show clearly and with audio the fraud. Let’s see how many dead people vote this year.


Halito Nakfish and Intek,

You may be wondering why I stopped writing these posts.  I stopped because of death threats and the responsibility I have for those I love.  I also stopped because it was heartbreaking to see the same old politics winning.  I stopped because the former CVB district 9 candidate had no intention of changing a corrupt broken governmental system.  I thought if that was the case then why not let Ted Dosh have it at least he already knew, after twenty plus years, what hoops to jump through.

Then I receive a call concerning someone brave enough to run against Ted Dosh and the CNO zombie warriors (I’ll get to that in a moment).  This candidate has no affiliation with the Choctaw Voting Block party but I called the candidate anyway.  My one hypothetical question:  “If a Choctaw were to be fired would you investigate?”  She told me she would that she wanted better for the Choctaw people and couldn’t believe how she was being treated just for daring to run for office.  She was almost certain she would be fired, her campaign signs were being yanked literally out of the ground and in the halls of our Choctaw government no one would look at her because as you probably have already assumed she still works for the CNO.  Brave huh?

Let me tell you what you won’t see.  You won’t see Birdie Williams communicating her stance on issues in the Biskinik because that paper is only for the candidates chosen by Chief Pyle.  I would like to know where she stands on Choctaw natural resources and her thoughts on a CERO (tribal employee rights organization).  You won’t be seeing mail from Birdie or receiving a call because Chief Pyle won’t release the voter registration list.  Oh I should say a COMPLETE voter registration list because as I have mentioned before when forced by a judge to give out the list he released a list of names – just names.  No addresses no telephone numbers – just names and a good luck finding them across the globe.  All this while his very own media machine churns out propoganda that would make Hitler proud.

Do you know who is making calls and knocking on doors with that same COMPLETE list to guide them for Ted Dosh?  Choctaw Nation Employees (zombie warriors) whose votes are monitored and whose jobs are threatened.  You would be amazed at what people will do if it looks like their means to make a living are in jeapordy, believe me I understand.  They will take off Monday through Friday during normal work hours to campaign – hmmm.  They will say they are taking annual leave and will; but they will be given a free comp time day just to say thank you from the Chief.  They will out and out lie to casino employees, telling them Birdie is for firing all Choctaw who are not at least a quarter Choctaw, don’t believe it.  The same snakes who treat Choctaw employees like dirty interlopers are the same ones cultivating that lie and they think Choctaw people will believe anything.  They have no respect for you sisters and brothers so take their lies and put them where they belong in the trash.

I am going to share with you what I was told and that is that Anthony Dillard will be Assistant Chief when Pyle steps down.  In the future when Batton is no longer Chief, Dillard will name Eric Pyle as Assistant Chief.  Do you see where I am going with this?  This means you and I will not get a truly free election in our lifetime.  We won’t be allowed to vote for Chief in our lifetime because the Chiefs of our future are being chosen by only a few, much like former soviet union communism.

This has got to stop but I don’t know how.  I almost think it’s time to start thinking Federal Bureau of Investigation or Department of the Interior.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

As for Birdie Williams you are a brave person but you are facing a mountain of lies and billions of dollars.  You have probably lost your job and prepare to be blacklisted but you have my vote.  I encourage you out there the Choctaw people in California, OKC, Tulsa, San Antonio, Seattle, Texas, wherever you may be to vote for Birdie Williams in District 9.  I encourage you to help us make a change for whats right because this administration lost it’s sense of morality a long time ago and we need you absentee voters to go beyond the hype and look and see what’s really going on.  All you have to do is look for any opposing voice in the Biskinik.  Do you see one?  You never will.  Will you ever see what Birdie stands for in the Biskinik?  No you won’t because they own the information and they aren’t going to share it.

Voters in District 9, grant programs paid for your community building and your wellness center.  Did Ted Dosh write those grants?  Nope.  Choctaw elders, other tribes feed their seniors everyday and pay for their trips?  What do you get?  Out of billions of dollars you get fed once a week and have to share your building with others.  In another district a Choctaw senior was thrown out by a non-Choctaw.  It could happen to you and do you think Ted Dosh would stick up for you?  Believe me he won’t.

Change is uncomfortable and sometimes you would rather dine with the devil you know rather than the one you don’t.  After twenty plus years Ted Dosh is still letting Choctaws lose their jobs and hasn’t done a damn thing about the system that lets them go.

We have to stand up sometime people.

Chi Pisa La Chike,


Good evening brothers and sisters,

I was recently told of an elder who advised a friend of mine.  The elder told this friend not to attend any rally’s that right now the Choctaw people respected him and if he attended any rally’s he would then lose their respect.  This advisor also said that we cannot change the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma that the nahullo’s were too entrenched in our governments that there was no way to get them out.  He also went on to say that things will change but to raise a fuss or draw attention to oneself was not the way to do it.

With all do respect then how is it supposed to be done?  Haven’t members of our tribe been going to you, our elder, for advice for more than a decade now and your answer is always the same, don’t make waves things will change.  Yes, I agree things will change.  That is the one constant all of us can expect is change but will our fates change as we sit in silence?  Will we as Chahta’s move like some great blob with no direction and no voice?

And I guess we are to let the nahullo’s stay and take our jobs and lands because so many of them already have?  Is this wisdom or defeat?  Entrenched is not the correct word our elder should use.  The correct and more accurate statement would be up in our government like a bore headed tick and the only way to remove it is by drawing blood.  If we haven’t the heart for our people to make the change then maybe we should give our Chahta away like some unwanted gift to someone who is willing to step up and make a difference.

I did not attend the Idle No More rally at the headquarters.  Did I not attend because I disagree with its message?  No, I didn’t attend because my writings were being used against the organizers of the rally so I wanted to step back and let the message of unity stand on its own.  You see unlike so many other tribes our tribe chose to not support the movement and I like a coward stayed away.  I should have been there holding my sign and shaming them for treating our people the way they have.  Our government caters to the bore headed ticks and worships not the red blood of their ancestors but the green blood of the almighty dollar.  Did you know that’s how other tribes see us?  They say rubbing their fingertips together “Choctaws worship money”.  Then of course we must then explain that the majority of our Chahta people live at or below the poverty line.  There is no per/cap, no elder pension and certainly no TERO.  The other tribes are surprised because we have land, planes, casinos and all sorts of prosperity then we must explain who prospers because it’s not the every day Chahta it’s the bore headed ticks and those who lead us.

Tonight at midnight the federal government will, if they don’t reach an agreement, have no budget and across the board cuts will take place.  I never thought I would see the day.  It has me thinking what if Texas got gaming?  What if there were massive layoffs across the Choctaw nation?  Now ask yourself in your heart of hearts who do you think would feel the layoffs first and foremost?  Do you think it would be the costly high payed bore headed ticks?  Do you think our administration would take a pay cut?  No you see CNO stands at 51% native hires and not all of those are Chahta, not by a long shot.  If you think the ticks will let those uppity Choctaws fire them you’ve lost all sense of reality.  It will be Chahta’s who are the first to go and the last to be hired back.  You want to know why?  Because as it stands they don’t have to answer to you and they know it.


Halito Sisters & Brothers,

The event Friday at 4pm at Choctaw Nation Headquarters is an IDLE NO MORE rally.  It’s not a protest and it’s not a bunch of disgruntled ex-employees gathering to take the place down.  However, that is the word put out by the CNO.  I have to politely disagree.  At the previous Idle No More rally that took place at the CNO Event Center parking lot there were (out of all attendees) three ex employees who marched across I- 75 with all the other native peoples who chose to attend the rally – 3 ex employees, just three.  Out of those three ex-employees only one held a Choctaw Employee Rights Organization sign.  None of the three ex-employees spoke at the rally, which by anyone’s account was peaceful.  We chose to march in frigid temperatures peacefully in support of indigenous environmental issues, treaty issues and basic human rights.  Environmental issues, treaty issues and basic human rights are what the IDLE NO MORE rally will be about at the Durant Headquarters as well.  If anyone tells you any different then they are doing so to keep you away.

Why our own leaders choose to not support such a worthy cause only shows how far removed they are from real indian country issues.  To deflect attention away from their lack of interest they choose to blame the large number of Chahta employees they let the nahollo’s terminate.  They choose to embrace the new nahollo leadership that actually runs the tribe than stand with other indian country leaders in support of:  environmental issues, treaty issues and basic human rights.

I keep repeating that statement because it’s so important to know where our tribal leadership stands on such issues.  Where they stand is far away from indian people; it’s just that simple.  There is another very important thing I want you to think about.  We ex-employees know we will never (bar a miracle) be employed by our tribe again.  Our organization, the Choctaw Voting Block Political party has an executive committee.  Only two people on that committee of seven are ex-employees.  Our main goal is to advocate a Choctaw Employee Rights Organization (CERO) so that what has happened to the two of us (and so many others who are not part of the CVB) will never happen to any other Chahta people.  We want true indian preference and we want our government to be operated by Chahta people.  By listening to our leaders you would think we call for the public hanging of anyone who disagrees.  Do you know who would actually benefit from such an organization?  If they instituted a CERO tomorrow none of the ex-employees would benefit.  Chahta’s who own their own businesses and CNO employees would have an organization to advocate for their rights and their businesses in CNO employment and contracts.  Chahta’s who want to work for their tribe and those who want to participate in equal and free elections would also benefit.

I do what I do for all Chahta people, even those who remain steadfast in their disdain for this organization.  I hope to see you at the IDLE NO MORE rally Friday at 4pm, CNO Headquarters.  Remember this is not what they want you to believe it is.  This is an opportunity to peacefully assemble in support of indigenous peoples all over the world whether you support the CVB or not.





Good Morning unNakfish and unIntek,

You may be laughing at my Chahta anumpa this morning but I like to try to practice!  You know what I just don’t read enough on Facebook.  I usually log in, post my blog and answer anyone who may have messaged me.  Last night however I couldn’t sleep after the super bowl game (may I say what a game) and decided to check around on Facebook.  I love to see the pics of Chahta families and I like seeing what is going on in Indian Country.

I don’t know why I was surprised to see old posts concerning the Durant Idle No More rally and it’s association with the Choctaw Voting Block political party.  I want to make it clear I was the only person there holding a sign advocating a Choctaw Employee Rights Organization.  That rally was absolutely a rally to support Indian Country issues and in particular Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike.  While I posted about the date, encouraged attendance and totally supported the ideology behind the movement it was not a CVB event.  However, some at the CNO decided to use my posts and the CVB name to discourage attendance by Chahta employees and those closely related to the CNO administration.

Sadly, these are other Choctaws who are offended that I dare to question the status quo and that I place blame on the current CNO administration.  I do, I lay blame squarely at the feet of our administration.  Here is a list of what I blame them directly for:

1.  The lack of a fair and democratic process for the Chahta people

2.  The black balling and mis-use of power against it’s own

3.  Not taking action to end the abuse of it’s own

I read last night on other Choctaw pages about happily waiting on our Chief and our Council’s direction and I understand that more than you know.  I trusted them.  I thought the world of them.  Then I worked for them.  I also read that maybe if some of us had done our jobs well we wouldn’t be so negative (not an exact quote but that was the jist).  I have written about my experience extensively so I won’t do so again here.  However, I want you to think about something, who replaced me?  Who replaced the employee who recently received a distinguished invitation by the White House?  Well I was replaced by two nahullo’s from Dallas (they did not have my position title), the many times honored employee was replaced with a nahullo as well.  Tony Messenger’s former position was replaced by a nahullo from Dallas.  And just because I mention Mr. Messenger’s name doesn’t mean he is a part of the CVB, I would imagine he will cringe at being mentioned again.  Who is receiving full time positions at the Casino?  That’s right you guessed it.  What person is throwing another Chahta out of the community center?  Uh huh that’s right.  What tribe is building trailer homes for it’s people instead of more stable brick homes (they build very few a year), you guessed it.

So if the responsibility doesn’t lie with the Chief, Assistant Chief and Council then you tell me where the buck stops?

If you are Chahta and you object to the CVB agenda then you object to:

1.  Term Limits

2.  Elder Pension

3.  Budget Transparency

4.  CERO

5.  Balancing of the Choctaw Constitution

6.  A free and true democracy

As a Choctaw how could you object to these principles?  As leaders of our people WHY would you object to these ideals?

Those of us who put our necks on the line (I am proud of my death threat) for our people we are the ones who make lasting change.  And we make this change for all Chahta wether they are for or against us.  That’s just what a family does.



Halito Sisters & Brothers,

Our people work part-time at the CNO casinos.  I know you know this but some were once full-time and some have been part-time for years and they are told “you will be next” as a response to pleas for full-time positions.  So they wait and then they wait some more as Vegas and Bossier City workers are trucked in and given all kinds of positions.  Chahta employees with associates, bachelors and masters degrees are cleaning toilets and sorting trash.  As if you’ve never heard of the word VOTE.  We can no longer allow such treatment, to do so puts us in poverty and damages our soul.  Some critics would say, go work somewhere else if you don’t like it.  That’s true you know but once again this is our house and those critics for the most part are nahollo.  They move into our house and then they make sure we know who is in charge and this is sanctified and encouraged by the very ones in charge of keeping our house standing.

What can we do?  I hear this all the time or my favorite words are “it’s better than it was”.  Why don’t we, as Chahta citizens expect more?  So our women, for the most part, are not being raped in the offices of headquarters does that not mean we can’t expect exceptional ethical leadership?  Because gaming has brought prosperity for the few in charge does that not mean we can’t demand our constitutional rights to indian preference?  Because our people have low paying jobs does that not mean we can’t expect to be promoted or work in an environment free of Chahta racism?  We are worth more than that my family!  Embrace what you are worth and register to vote in the upcoming elections to not do so sets our children up for the same rejection we face and continue to face from our tribe.

Do I want to change the world?  That is not where my attention is focused but by changing OUR world it does make a difference in the world beyond the CNO borders.  Tyrrany and oppression are not a CNO exclusivity but it is the treatment of my people that is near and dear to my heart.

We protestors of injustice are the warriors of today.  We face criticism and name calling.  We face stares and jeers but we take it with dignity.  This fight for justice is for our people and I can’t tell you the feeling of accomplishment and community it brings to the soul.

I wish this fight didn’t have to be fought but it does.  We can no longer let the power that be run our Chahta Nation because they no longer have our empowerment at heart, if they ever did.  There is another Idle No More rally planned for the CNO, stay tuned for dates and times.




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